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Looking for bath bomb recipes you can create to upgrade your current routine? Check out these cool and easy DIY bath bomb recipes we found just for you!

Healthy, natural, easy and cheap.. you name it! These bath bomb recipes are the bombs!

10 Easy DIY Bath Bomb Recipes For A More Glorious Bath Time!

Bath bombs shouldn’t be overlooked when you run that water for your next bath. They’re convenient to use and really help with relaxation. The good thing is, we don’t have to spend a ton of money for this extra luxury cause they’re actually pretty easy to create as well.

And today, we take you through some of our favorite recipes to bring your DIY bath bombs to the next level!

1. Lemon Bath Bombs

Lemons are known for their cleansing capabilities, and if added to a bath bomb, you can expect a more fresh, cleansed feeling after!

bath bomb recipes

Get the full Recipe HERE


2. Frizzy Cupcake Bath Bombs

These bath bombs are adorably cute, you’ll have to make sure the kids don’t eat them! This is a great craft to do with your daughter or at a baby shower.

bath bombs recipes

Learn how to make them HERE


3. Oatmeal Bath Bombs

If you want a fragrance-free and color-free bath bomb, this oatmeal recipe is perfect. PLUS, oatmeal helps soothe skin problems like irritation and sunburn.

bath bomb recipes

Get the recipe HERE


4. Peppermint Bath Bombs

Peppermint helps the respiratory system in many…

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