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I‘ll admit it – I over-indulged this holiday season and my tighter-than-usual skinny jeans are showing it. So just like every other person on the planet, I’m going make “toning up” a New Year’s goal.

But with the crazy amounts of fitness workouts you can find on the internet, it’s hard to know where to start. We’ve made it easy! Use this head-to-toe list of workouts to help you get started. Get ready to sweat, y’all!

These fitness workouts will help you start your journey to get in shape RIGHT NOW

14 Best Fitness Workouts from Head to Toe You Can Easily Start With

For whatever reason you’ve decided to start your fitness journey, we commend any woman with a health conscious goal in mind. Because beauty is not just all about makeup – it’s about what molds YOU as a person. Your confidence does not only depend on having a gorgeous exterior, but a fit and healthy mind and body too. Find the workout plan you want to start on and print it out for motivation!

1. 6 Minutes Early Morning Routine Before Shower

Best Fitness Workouts

Fitness Workouts for Beginners

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2. The 3-Week Plan

The Best Fitness Workouts

21-Day Arm Plan

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3. 30-Day Abs & Squats Challenge

best fitness workouts

30 Day Challenge

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4. Walker to Runner

the best fitness workouts

Cardio Exercise Planner

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5. Slimming Legs, Chair Workout

best fitness workouts

Workout Ideas for Legs

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6. 1,000 Calories Plan

best fitness workouts

Calorie Burning Plan

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7. 3-Minute Arm Workout

best fitness workouts

Easy & Short Arm Workout

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8. How To Achieve Lean Thighs

best fitness workout

Get Victoria’s Secret Angel Lean Thighs with this workout!

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