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There’s nothing more entertaining than makeup quotes and memes we all can relate to.We picked 17 of the best that made us laugh out loud, but also COMPLETELY understand. Because we’ve all been there.

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17 Hysterically Funny Makeup Quotes and Memes

We all can relate to #pinterestfails on contouring or hiding Sephora purchases from your boyfriend (that NARS blush was a necessity) . But these comical makeup quotes and memes says it all in one picture.

Continue scrolling down and prepare some tissues because these memes will surely have you laughing your a&^#s off!

1. Mona Lisa Learns Contouring

Those eyebrows are on point!

funny makeup quotes

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2. Drama

The only drama you should have to deal with!

funny makeup quotes

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3. The Importance of Good Lighting

Avoid this by using natural lighting whenever possible!

funny makeup quotes

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4. I Want More

A girl’s makeup collection is never complete.

funny makeup quotes

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5. Never Sneeze

Not cool, allergies. Not cool.

funny makeup quotes

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