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We keep saying it but we’ll say it again. THE HOLIDAY SEASON IS HERE and we can’t be more excited.

But we’re taking a little break from all the holiday glam to talk about something that proves challenging to us all this time of year – what the heck do I buy my dad/brother/boyfriend?

Want to surprise your guy this holiday season? Get these cool limited edition gifts RIGHT NOW!

3 Unique & Cool Gifts For Guys This Holiday Season

I end up looking this up every single year and get back the same lists of 100 gadget-y or golf related things that I would never buy the dudes in my life. But I’ve discovered the secret to hassle-free guy buying – finding practical yet REALLY COOL things to put under the tree.

And when I found I hit the jackpot – reasonably-priced awesome gifts all men will love. I picked my favorite three for y’all to check out!

1. Limited Edition Hoffman Richter HR100

Let your guy be the first to get his hands on this multitool! It’s a 13-in-1 multitool and is designed to be BIG, BEEFY, and guaranteed to get your guy (and you) out of ANY jam.

Take note: This is not just another multitool you can find on sale in any mall.

gifts for guys

Watch the video demonstration HERE!

gifts for guys

Get the Limited Edition Hoffman Richter HR100 HERE!


2. Hybeam Tactical Torch

This is not your ordinary flashlight. This tactical torch is incredibly bright and can stand up to ANYTHING you can throw at it and still flares up.

gifts for guys

Cool gift for him

Watch the video demonstration HERE

Get the Hybeam Tactical Torch HERE


3. Stinger Spy Pen

An incredibly well engineered piece of equipment, made of solid aircraft grade aluminum and milled to perfection, so that it is incredibly strong and durable, while still performing all the functions of

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