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Looking for effortless, casual braided updos? Then you’ll love this Twisted Crown Braid. Click for the step-by-step tutorial.

Braided Updos: Easy & Quick Twisted Crown Braid Tutorial

If your personality is effortless and casual rather than formal and serious, you’ll love the look of this twisted crown braid. It’s a style you can wear all day long without worrying about whether it’ll get messy and, even if it does, you’ll still look good. (Remember: messy is the new sexy).

Ready to get twisted? Try this look for your next Girls’ Night Out or date night with your beau.

Follow these steps to re-create the look.

Step 1

Brush your hair to remove tangles.


Brush hair. | Image via Kaushal Beauty

Step 2

Part your hair in the center and bring it forward.


Part your hair in the center. | Image via Kaushal Beauty

Step 3

Tie one section of your hair with an elastic band. Keep an elastic on hand for the next step.


Tie one half with a rubber band. | Image via Kaushal Beauty

Step 4

Grab a rectangular section of your hair and twist it away from your face three times.


Twist away. | Image via Kaushal Beauty

Step 5

Grab some hair from both sections, add them to the section you’ve just divided and start twisting. Twist the hair away from your face and make sure it’s twist. Keep doing this until you’ve reached the bottom of your hair.

You’re essentially creating a French braid.


Keep on twisting. | Image via Kaushal Beauty

Step 6

When you get to the end, make sure there are no bumps and if there are, go back and sort them out.


Check and fix. | Image via Kaushal Beauty

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