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Do you want to learn how to create a perfect winged eyeliner?

The ever popular winged eyeliner is a fun addition to every makeup look, but can be intimidating for some! Never fear. We are here to help walk you through the process! From Kardashian to Catwalk, this timeless look is bound to turn heads.

What You’ll Need

Thin Liner Brush

Cake Eyeliner


Makeup Remover


Scotch Tape



Flat Concealer Brush

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You’ll need these tools to get perfect winged liner.

Step 1: Creating a Guide

The most difficult part about winged eyeliner is creating symmetry, and knowing where to place your wing. A simple way to minimize your guesswork and make painting your wings a breeze is to use tape! You heard me right. Rip two pieces of clear tape, about 2 inches each. Where you place your tape will determine the shape of the wing, so my suggested position is to place the tape directly near your lashes in the corner of your eye, and angle the tape toward the top of your ear. If the tape is angled too sharply, it will stop the eye short and create the illusion of a smaller eye.

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Use masking tape to direct your liner.

Step 2: Dip & Dab

We have found the easiest type of liquid eyeliner to control is ‘cake’ eyeliner. Cake eyeliner is a dry eyeliner that is activated with a small amount of water on your brush. Cake eyeliner offers a jet black matte line that is not only easiest to control, but drys quickly and stays on for hours without chipping or smearing. Taking a thin liner brush, dip it in water and work into the cake liner. Test the consistency on the back of your hand until you find what works best for you.

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To create a “cake” liner wet your dry liner with a small amount of water.

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Test the consistency before applying.

Step 3: Proceed with Caution!

Now, using the side of the brush instead of the tip, start from the middle of the lid and trace a straight line to the edge of the tape.

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Trace a thin line on your lids before creating your “wing.”

Step 4: Don’t Neglect the Corner

Fill in the corner next to the lashes by painting on the liner. In this step it is important the tape is secure to the skin, otherwise it will leak underneath the tape and the lines will no longer be crisp.

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Fill out the corner of your eyes before finishing your look.

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