The Beautiful Life Podcast #1

In this podcast you'll find:

Christina Farrell is one of the resident makeup experts at the American Beauty Association. She has been a makeup expert for 17 years – working with different makeup lines such as MAC, Laura Mercier, Tart and other big names on the makeup industry.

On this very first podcast of the American Beauty Association, Christina shared her story about how she became a makeup expert and told us how to become one. She also shared her thoughts about products that most women are afraid of and how to overcome them, what we need to know about New Year Resolutions and of course, gave away tips on achieving a healthy, more beautiful you this year.

Together with Karen Lang, the Chief Editor of American Beauty Association, here’s a summary of what they talked about.

Q & A
[1:17] Karen asked Christina for tips on how to become a makeup artist. Considering some may think of joining the makeup industry this year.

[5:10] Christina shared one makeup mistake that most middle aged women make.

[6:43] One question Karen always asks her makeup professionals: “If you can take one makeup tool with you on a deserted island, what would that be and why?” Find out what Christina’s answer is!

[7:58] Most women think that wearing makeup everyday is the key to looking and feeling beautiful. But Christina shared some tips on how women can feel and look good everyday, aside from makeup.

[9:20] Featured Segment: Scary Products and how should each women overcome it.

[12:50] Karen and Christina talked about the harmful effects of having New Year Resolutions. Should we continue or stop making new year resolutions? Or is there another way to accomplish that list?

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