The Beautiful Life Podcast #2

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In this episode, germophobes has been discussed. What things not to share and what can it possibly do. They also talked about proper sanitation and things that we are doing that aren’t really sanitary that we might not be aware of. Christina also shared tips on how to clean your brushes and a lot of things about sanitation.

Q & A
[1:13] Can you tell us about some products that you shouldn’t ever share with anybody?

[5:22] If you are testing products on your hand, are we confident that it’s the same color on your lip?

[6:16] Are there other products, maybe everyday products that we use that we shouldn’t be sharing? Like water bottles.

[7:30] If you have sanitised something, how often do you have to re sanitize?

[9:32] If I’m going to a store, there are a lot of amazing place now. You can look it up on Yelp that will give you a sanitised package that’s yours the entire time. So you know that when you go there, they’re not cutting your nails or cuticles with a manicure that’s been used with someone else.

[10:47] How to store beauty products so you can prevent bacteria from happening and growing on your products.

[12:30] Baby shampoos won’t dry out your brushes, it’s hypo-allergenic, it’s clean, it conditions, it’s very thorough.

[14:35] We all have beauty tips or products that we want to try but not sure about. One of the things that’s been hitting the market lately are semi-permanent eyelash extensions.

[16:44] What are the kind of things that people should look for if they are looking for lash extensions? Some of the background that you should be looking for for a good practitioners?

[17:52]Are there any tips for getting a false eyelashes look without actually putting them on?