The Beautiful Life Podcast #3

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Our theme for this week is transitioning out from a cold weather into a warmer weather. This week’s podcast is dedicated to how to remedy some winter blunders, what makes winter unwonderful sometimes and bring you back to spring time glow. Christina, our expert gave out really cool winter skin care tips.

Q & A
[1:27] We’ve read a lot about winter skincare hacks. Do you have any favorites that you use on yourself or others?
[5:21] For my hands, I count on Shea Butter. I love pure Shea butter products. I have a little travel-size that I keep in my purse and a big size by my house…
[5:55] Are the Shea Butter products for you hand also good for your cuticles?
[7:10] Are there any other parts of our body that are affected by the weather?
[9:49] Does Winter really dry out your hair?
[11:20] There is a humor that if there is no sun, you don’t have to use sunblock? What do you say to that?
[14:53] Can we talk about some of the homemade beauty, hair and skin masks, rubs and scrubs that you can do at home?
[17:42] Would you say that homemade products are almost as effective, if not more effective than buying products? Specifically for example: toner.
[18:58] You could so sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, mixing them with the appropriate cream to give them that emolliency. My mom used to use salt as an exfoliator. She mixes a little bit of salt with some olive oil so it creates that kind of exfoliating consistency as a cleanser. And you just use that to rub around and clean it off and it’s amazing.

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