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Looking to get those Victoria’s Secret Angel curls?

We’ll teach you how. This easy-to-follow tutorial will have you beachy in no time with loose curls galore!

Supplies you will need for luscious loose curls:

Curling Iron


Shine Spray or Serum


Butterfly clips

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What you’ll need to create loose, luscious curls.

Step 1: De-tangle!

Before you tackle any hair masterpiece, you must start with a fresh canvas. I prefer to curl my hair the day after I shampoo it as the oil that’s built up over the day helps reduce fly aways. So although freshly washed hair isn’t a must, do be sure to comb out any tangles.

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Don’t forget to detangle before curling!

Step 2: Section

To ensure all our hair is curled (leaving stray pieces NEVER looks good) we are going to section our hair starting from the bottom. Section out 2″. Clip the top up with a butterfly clip.

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Section out a piece and clip the rest up.

Step 3: Take It From The Top

Taking a small section (if you have fine hair take a 2″ wide section, if you have thick hair take 1″), hold your iron perpendicular to the floor and wrap around the iron from the root of your hair to the tip. The last thing to touch the iron is the ends. The end of the hair is the oldest part, meaning it has suffered the most damage, and will take less time to curl than the body of your hair.

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Curl from the top like so.

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Clamp on the ends.

Step 4: Now Repeat, Repeat, Repeat!

Now comes the daunting part — curling each piece. Take your time and…

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