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  • natural-everyday-drugstore-makeup-feature
    Everyday Look: 10-Minute Drugstore Makeup Tutorial

    This natural everyday look takes 10 minutes and features your favorite drugstore makeup. Keep on reading to get the step-by-step guide to this fresh look! Okay, yes, us choosing this tutorial was because it was another excuse to stare at Eman’s ridiculously gorgeous face and......

  • french-girl-beauty-tips-feature-OPT
    How French Women Do Beauty | Makeup Tutorials

    t’s the question we all want to know: how are French women so gosh darn beautiful?  French Women Beauty Tips Maybe it’s something in the air, the coffee they drink or the delectable cuisine, but there’s something about French women we find so utterly captivating.......

  • MT-Featured-Image-8-14-2015
    9 Ways To Look Good While Camping Just Because You Can!

    Do you want to look good while camping? Of course you do! Here’s how.  While putting the words “gorgeous” and “camping” in one sentence feels like a paradox, the gals at Makeup Tutorials like to approach any topic with the mentality that nothing is impossible. Sure, you......

Our theme for this week is transitioning out from a cold weather into a warmer weather. This week�...

In this episode, germophobes has been discussed. What things not to share and what can it possibly d...

Christina Farrell is one of the resident makeup experts at the American Beauty Association. She has ...

How to do Natural Eye Makeup

Find out a couple of tricks in this video on how to make your eyes stand out with minimal makeup...

Full Nighttime Makeup

Learn the step-by-step process of how to apply a full nighttime makeup - how the items are set up in...

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Applying Makeup On Yourself


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