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Is it just us or does Demi Lovato look fab with any and every hairstyle? We’ve seen her with rainbow locks, we’ve seen her as a blonde, but our favorite look of hers has to be the bob haircut she rocks. Here are 7 times the songstress made us want to snip our hair.

Want to know how you can style your short bob? Check out how Demi Lovato nailed 7 hairstyles and still looked amazingly gorgeous!

7 Times Demi Lovato Nailed Her Bob Haircut

We’ve known Demi Lovato since her Barney & Friends days to her singing and acting debut on Camp Rock (where we fell in love with Joe Jonas). We’ve also witnessed her battle with heartbreak, depression and addiction in which she’s come out stronger and more mature. Since then, we’ve seen Demi rise up the ranks of hit singles and pop stars, and take on the world’s most famous talent search show, The X Factor, as a judge.

Through her highly-publicized trials, Lovato has shown herself to be anything but your average celebrity. Aside from being a full lyric soprano with a vocal range of four octaves and a semitone, including the whistle register, Demi has grown into an outstanding role model for young women and has become a fashion and style icon in her own right.

One of her latest looks is the short bob which, let’s admit it, she nails every single time. Check it out for yourself and learn how you can style your own bob!

1. Tousled Bob

It’s sexy and has that “Short Hair, Don’t Care” feel to it. Get this look here.

How To Style A Tousled Bob Like Demi Lovato, check it out at

The tousled bob looks great on Demi! IMAGE VIA Style Bistro

2. Wavy Side Swept Hair

We love how confidently Demi wears this hairstyle by adding a twist of waves to the traditionally straight side swept hair. Achieve this look by curling your hair and then teasing the roots.

Easy Short Hairstyles For Round Faces, check it out at

This is a great look for older, mature women. IMAGE VIA Twitter

3. Slicked Back Wet Hair

This is such a gorgeous and fierce hairstyle that only the brave few can pull off. It’s also super easy to do; learn how to do it here.

5-Minute Slicked Back Wet Hair Tutorial, check it out at

Move over, Kim Kardashian. Demi Lovato is rocking the slicked back look. IMAGE VIA Lovatic Dog Lover

4. Teal Tips

This list wouldn’t be complete without a shot of her pastel-colored hair. Demi embraced the rainbow look before she cut her hair and still rocks it every now and then.

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