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We know you’re already darn close to perfect, but are you looking for an easy way to be even more beautiful?

Nailing the perfect lipstick look is one of the best places to start. This quick, simple, and very effective beauty tutorial will give you all the skills you need to hone your lips to perfection, whether you’re prepping for a big date, a fancy night on the town, or just looking to get a little luscious.

Supplies you will need to get perfect red lips:

Lipstick of your choice (we always default to rich and sultry reds)

Wax Paper

Lip brush

Cosmetic sponge



Translucent powder

A blush brush

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You’ll need these guys to create perfect red lips.

Step 1

Using the cosmetic sponge, cover your lips in a thin coat of foundation that is equal to, or slightly lighter than your skin tone. This will ensure color vibrancy by covering the lips natural blush, and make the lipstick last longer. Use a cream foundation for best results. Liquid foundation will mix with your lipstick and lighten the lipstick. A THIN amount is the trick! The foundation is to fill in the fine lines so your lipstick doesn’t settle, too much will
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Applying foundation on your lips will enhance the color of your lipstick.

Step 2

For both eyeshadow and lipstick, we prefer palettes. They take up less room than the individual containers, typically offer a wide variety of colors, and often are less expensive than individuals. Lip and eyeshadow palettes are offered by many makeup brands and price ranges. Scoop out a small amount of lipstick onto the wax paper.

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Test your color before applying.

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